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How can I contribute?#

There are a several ways in which you can contribute to n8n, depending on your skills and interests. Each form of contribution is valuable to us!

Contributor quick start#

Here is a quick list of the contributions we are looking for:

  • Build community nodes
  • Write an n8n tutorial
  • Host an n8n event (virtual or locally)
  • Write for our docs
  • Create workflow templates
  • Write a review
  • Participate on our support forum

To start contributing or to get ideas of what to do, check out our Contributor board on GitHub. If there is a project you want on the board, please assign it to yourself and start contributing!

Keep reading for more ideas on contributions.

Share some love#

Help out the community#

You can participate in the forum and help the community members out with their questions.

When sharing workflows in the community forum for debugging, use code blocks. Use triple backticks ``` to wrap the workflow JSON in a code block.

The following video demonstrates the steps of sharing workflows on the community forum:

Contribute to the code#

There are different ways in which you can contribute to the n8n code base:

  • Fix issues reported on GitHub. The CONTRIBUTING guide will help you get your development environment ready in minutes.
  • Add additional functionality to an existing third party integration.
  • Create an integration for a third party service. Check out the node creation docs for guidance on how to create a node.
  • Add a new feature to n8n.

Contribute to the docs#

You can contribute to the n8n documentation, for example by documenting nodes or fixing issues.

The repository for the docs is here and the guidelines for contributing to the docs are here.

Write a blog post#

You can write an article for the n8n blog. Your article can be, for example, a workflow tutorial, an opinion piece on automation, or some domain-specific automation ideas. Surprise us!

n8n has the following process for guest contributions to our blog:

  1. Pitch: Fill out this typeform to tell us what kind of content you'd like to contribute.
  2. Evaluation: We evaluate your content idea and, if it matches our content topics and target audience, we give you green light to start writing and submit the article.
  3. Review: You submit your finished article as a Google Doc and we start reviewing and editing it. This is usually an interactive, back-and-forth process, where we might ask for clarification and make suggestions in the doc for you to review. Depending on the length of the article and the required changes, the review process could take between a couple of days to a week or two.
  4. Publishing: Once all the changes and comments are resolved, we schedule the article to be published on our blog.

Refer a candidate#

Do you know someone who would be a great fit for one of our open positions? Refer them to us! In return, we'll pay you €1,000 when the referral successfully passes their probationary period.

Here's how this works:

  1. Search: Have a look at the description and requirements of each role, and consider if someone you know would be a great fit.
  2. Referral: Once you've identified a potential candidate, send an email to Jobs at n8n with the subject line Employee referral - [job title] and a short description of the person you're referring (and the reason why). Also, tell your referral to apply for the job through our careers page.
  3. Evaluation: We'll screen the application and inform you about the next steps of the hiring process.
  4. Reward: As soon as your referral has successfully finished the probationary period, we'll reward you for your efforts by transferring the €1,000 to your bank account.