# LinkedIn

LinkedIn (opens new window) is an employment-oriented online service. It is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.

🔑 Credentials

You can find authentication information for this node here.

# Basic Operations

  • Create a new post

💡 Keep in mind

If posting as an Organization enter only the organization number in the URN field. For example, 03262013 not urn:li:company:03262013.

# Example Usage

This workflow allows you to get an image from a URL and post it on LinkedIn. You can also find the workflow (opens new window) on n8n.io. This example usage workflow would use the following nodes.

The final workflow should look like the following image.

A workflow with the LinkedIn node

# 1. Start node

The start node exists by default when you create a new workflow.

# 2. HTTP Request node

  1. Enter the URL of the image you want to download in the URL field.
  2. Select File from the Response Format dropdown list.
  3. Click on Execute Node to run the node.

Downloading an image with the HTTP Request node

# 3. LinkedIn node

  1. First of all, you'll have to enter credentials for the LinkedIn node. You can find out how to do that here.
  2. Select 'Person' from the Post As dropdown list.
  3. Select the person you want to post as from the Person dropdown list.
  4. Enter a message in the Text field.
  5. Select 'Image' from the Media Category dropdown list.
  6. Click on Execute Node to run the node.

Posting with the LinkedIn node

# Further Reading