# Freshservice

Freshservice (opens new window) is a cloud-based IT Service Management solution.

🔑 Credentials

You can find authentication information for this node here.

# Basic operations

  • Create an agent
  • Delete an agent
  • Retrieve an agent
  • Retrieve all agents
  • Update an agent
Agent Group
  • Create an agent group
  • Delete an agent group
  • Retrieve an agent group
  • Retrieve all agent groups
  • Update an agent group
Agent Role
  • Retrieve an agent role
  • Retrieve all agent roles
  • Create an announcement
  • Delete an announcement
  • Retrieve an announcement
  • Retrieve all announcements
  • Update an announcement
Asset Type
  • Create an asset type
  • Delete an asset type
  • Retrieve an asset type
  • Retrieve all asset types
  • Update an asset type
  • Create a change
  • Delete a change
  • Retrieve a change
  • Retrieve all changes
  • Update a change
  • Create a department
  • Delete a department
  • Retrieve a department
  • Retrieve all departments
  • Update a department
  • Create a location
  • Delete a location
  • Retrieve a location
  • Retrieve all locations
  • Update a location
  • Create a problem
  • Delete a problem
  • Retrieve a problem
  • Retrieve all problems
  • Update a problem
  • Create a product
  • Delete a product
  • Retrieve a product
  • Retrieve all products
  • Update a product
  • Create a release
  • Delete a release
  • Retrieve a release
  • Retrieve all releases
  • Update a release
  • Create a requester
  • Delete a requester
  • Retrieve a requester
  • Retrieve all requesters
  • Update a requester
Requester Group
  • Create a requester group
  • Delete a requester group
  • Retrieve a requester group
  • Retrieve all requester groups
  • Update a requester group
  • Create a software application
  • Delete a software application
  • Retrieve a software application
  • Retrieve all software applications
  • Update a software application
  • Create a ticket
  • Delete a ticket
  • Retrieve a ticket
  • Retrieve all tickets
  • Update a ticket

# Example usage

This workflow allows you to fetch all Tickets with an Urgent status in Freshservice. This example usage workflow would use the following two nodes:

The final workflow should look like the following image.

A workflow with the Freshservice node

# 1. Start node

The start node exists by default when you create a new workflow.

# 2. Freshservice node

  1. First enter your credentials for the Freshservice node. You can find out how to do that here.
  2. Select Ticket from the Resource dropdown.
  3. Select Get All from the Operation dropdown.
  4. Enable the Return All toggle.
  5. From the Add Filter dropdown select Priority.
  6. From the new Priority dropdown select Urgent.
  7. Click on Execute Node to run the workflow.