# Cron

The Cron node is useful to schedule the workflows to run periodically at fixed dates, times, or intervals. This works in a similar way to the cron software utility in Unix-like systems. This core node is a Trigger node.

💡 Keep in mind

  1. If a workflow is using the Cron node as a trigger, make sure that you save and activate the workflow.
  2. Make sure that the timezone is set correctly for the n8n instance (or the workflow).

You can find the example usage of the Cron node in the Creating Your First Workflow guide.

# Node Reference

You can configure the node by clicking on the Add Cron Time button under the Trigger Times section. There are a couple of different options available for the Mode field in the form of a dropdownlist.

  • Mode
    • Every Minute
    • Every Hour
    • Every Day
    • Every Week
    • Every Month
    • Every X
    • Custom

The 'Every X' option allows you to specify the workflow to be triggered every x minutes or hours. You can specify x by entering a number in the Value field. The 'Custom' option allows you to enter a custom cron expression in the Cron Expression field.

# Further Reading