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Desktop app#

The n8n desktop app is the fastest way to try n8n on Windows or Mac computers (support for Linux is coming soon).

Install Desktop#

Download the app from the link below:

Download for Windows

Download for macOS

Keep in mind

If you have already installed n8n locally via npm, the desktop app will connect to the existing sqlite database.

Tunnel credentials

The n8n desktop creates a tunnel in order to receive webhooks from external services such as Google. This tunnel is protected using a randomly generated combination of username and password. If you are asked for a login to your personal tunnel URL, you can find the generated credentials in the n8n-desktop.env file in the .n8n folder of your home directory.

Update Desktop#

If you're using the n8n desktop app follow the below mentioned steps to update n8n.

For Windows#

  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Run the installer.

For MacOS#

  1. Move the old app to trash.
  2. Download the latest app.