# Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can currently be used:

# General

  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Button: Move/Pan Node View
  • Ctrl + a: Select all nodes
  • Ctrl + Alt + n: Create new workflow
  • Ctrl + o: Open workflow
  • Ctrl + s: Save the current workflow
  • Ctrl + v: Paste nodes
  • Tab: Open "Node Creator". Type to filter and navigate with arrow keys. To create press "enter"

# With node(s) selected

  • ArrowDown: Select sibling node bellow the current one
  • ArrowLeft: Select node left of the current one
  • ArrowRight: Select node right of the current one
  • ArrowUp: Select sibling node above the current one
  • Ctrl + c: Copy nodes
  • Ctrl + x: Cut nodes
  • d: Deactivate nodes
  • Delete: Delete nodes
  • F2: Rename node
  • Shift + ArrowLeft: Select all nodes left of the current one
  • Shift + ArrowRight: Select all nodes right of the current one