# Nodelinter

Nodelinter (opens new window) is an extensible static analysis tool for checking your n8n node files to ensure n8n recommended best practices are followed when developing new nodes.

This includes rules for:

  • Alphabetization of node parameters and options
  • Casing for display names and descriptions
  • Default values per parameter type
  • Required and optional key-value pairs

See the full linting list here (opens new window) for more details.

# Installation and Usage

Nodelinter is a dependency of the nodes-base package and available upon installing n8n.

You can run Nodelinter from the packages/nodes-base directory as follows:

npm run nodelinter -- --<options>

💡 Keep in mind

Be sure to run Nodelinter and verify your code before submitting a pull request.

# Options

Option Description Example
--target Path of the file or directory to lint Lint a single file:

Lint all files in a directory:
--config Path of the custom config to use --config=/Users/john/Documents/myConfig.json
--patterns Lintable file patterns --patterns:.node.ts,Description.ts
--print Print output to JSON

A custom filename can optionally be specified.
--errors-only Enable error logs only
--warnings-only Enable warning logs only
--infos-only Enable info logs only

# Custom config

The Nodelinter default config (opens new window) can be overridden to, for example, change the areas and issues linted.

To do so create a JSON file containing the key values you want to override. For example:

  "target": "/Users/john/n8n/packages/nodes-base/nodes/Notion/Notion.node.ts",
  "patterns": [".node.ts"],
  "sortMethod": "lineNumber",
  "lintings": {
      "enabled": false
      "enabled": false

Name this file nodelinter.config.json and place it anywhere in your nodes-base directory and it will be automatically detected. Alternatively, you can specify the custom config file and location using the --config option.

# Lint exceptions

You can create exceptions for individual lines of code from any or all linting rules as follows:

// nodelinter-ignore-next-line <LINTING_NAME> <LINTING_NAME>

If no specific linting name is provided that line will be excepted from all rules. For example:

Exception for one rule:

description: 'Time zone used in the response.    The default is the time zone of the calendar.',

Exception for all rules:

// nodelinter-ignore-next-line
description: 'Time zone used in the response.    The default is the time zone of the calendar.',