# Editor UI

The Editor UI is the web interface used to create workflows. It is accessed through a web browser at a designated website address.


From the Editor UI, you can access all your workflows and credentials, as well as the n8n documentation and forum.

The Editor UI sidebar menu contains the following sections and operations:

# Admin Panel

Available only for n8n.cloud, navigate to the Dashboard of your n8n.cloud instance. Here you can view your executions and workflows counts, manage and upgrade your instance, and access support.

Admin Panel

# Workflows

This section includes the operations for creating and editing workflows.

  • New: Create a new workflow
  • Open: Open the list of saved workflows
  • Save: Save changes to the current workflow
  • Save As: Save the current workflow under a new name
  • Rename: Rename the current workflow
  • Delete: Delete the current workflow
  • Download: Download the current workflow as a JSON file
  • Import from URL: Import a workflow from a URL
  • Import from File: Import a workflow from a local file
  • Settings: View and change the settings of the current workflow

# Credentials

This section includes the operations for creating credentials.

Credentials are private pieces of information issued by apps/services to authenticate you as a user and allow you to connect and share information between the app/service and the n8n node.

  • New: Create new credentials
  • Open: Open the list of saved credentials

# Executions

This section includes information about your workflow executions, each completed run of a workflow.

You can enabling logging of your failed, successful, and/or manually selected workflows using the Workflow > Settings page.

# Help

This section includes resources for using n8n and interacting with the community.

  • Documentation: Open the n8n documentation page
  • Forum: Open the n8n community forum
  • Workflows: Open the n8n public workflows (opens new window) page
  • About n8n: View information about n8n (version, source code, license)