# Updating n8n

In order to take advantage of the newest features and functionality added to n8n (detailed in our Changelog) you must update to the latest released version (opens new window).

# n8n.cloud

To updated your n8n.cloud instance navigate to your Dashboard:

Admin Dashboard

  1. Click the Settings button or switch to the Manage tab.
  2. From Instance Settings, use the n8n version dropdown to select your desired release version: Latest Stable, Beta, or Latest Beta.

Manage Tab

  1. Click Save Changes to restart your n8n instance and perform the update. A confirmation modal will appear and the Instance Status will reflect the update in progress.

Instance Status

# npm

To update your n8n instance to the latest released version, run:

npm update -g n8n

To install/update to a specific version of n8n use the @ syntax to specify the desired version. For example:

npm install [email protected]

# Docker

From your Docker Desktop, navigate to the Images tab and select Pull from the context menu to download the latest n8n image:

Docker Desktop

You can also use the command line to pull the latest, or a specific version:

// Pull latest version
docker pull n8nio/n8n

// Pull specific version
docker pull n8nio/n8n:0.126.1