# Webex by Cisco

You can use these credentials to authenticate the following nodes:

# Prerequisites

Create a Webex by Cisco (opens new window) account.

# Using OAuth

  1. Navigate to Webex for Developers (opens new window) and sign in using your Webex by Cisco account.
  2. From the user menu select My Webex Apps, then Create a New App.
  3. From the Create a New App page select Create an Integration.
  4. Complete the following required fields for your new integration:
    • Integration Name: Provide a name for your Webex app.
    • Contact Email: Enter your email address.
    • Icon: Provide an icon for your app or select one of the available defaults.
    • Description: Enter a brief description of your app.
    • Redirect URIs: Enter the OAuth Callback URL from the n8n credentials modal.
    • Scopes: Enable the following scopes:
      • spark:rooms_read
      • spark:messages_write
      • spark:messages_read
      • spark:membership_read
      • spark_membership_write
      • meeting:recordings_write
      • meeting:recordings_read
      • meeting:preferences_read
      • meeting:schedules_write
      • meeting:schedules_read
  5. Click Add Integration to create your app.
  6. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret for this new app.

From n8n:

  1. Enter a descriptive Credentials Name.
  2. Under Credential Data, enter the Client ID and Client Secret obtained above.
  3. Under OAuth, click the circle button to initiate authentication. A popup may appear prompting you to login to your Webex by Cisco account.
  4. After authentication is complete, click Create to save your new credentials.